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Eric Maitlen

28 days of giving!

Thank you for visiting our campaign page and for taking the time to learn more about Two Eight Ministries! This month we are trying to raise $28,000 in 28 days in order to expand our team and impact across the state of Indiana in 2020. America is in a very scary place as we continue to face a drug overdose epidemic that claims more American lives each day than homicides or motor vehicle accidents. It happened yesterday. It happened today, and unfortunately it will happen again tomorrow. We believe this is OUR story and OUR time to UNITE our communities, INSPIRE change, and MOVE into action. Please consider partnering with us this during the next 28 days as we prepare to rally more Indiana communities together and help families that have been devastated by the wake of this epidemic find the help, hope, and healing they need.(As a federally recognized 501c3, your charitable gift to "Two Eight Ministries" is tax deductible)

$6,641.50 of $28,000.00 goal




days to go

1. Fight the Opioid/Overdose Epidemic in 10 cities across Indiana.

-We expect to see overdose rates decrease

-We want to see communities come together around their local recovery efforts.

-We want to break the stigma of addiction that is keeping families from seeking the help they or their loved ones need for fear of judgement, ridicule, or incarceration.

-We want to see members of long term recovery reconciled back into their families, churches, and community. We are all God's people and we need each other! Reconciliation, not recovery, must be the end goal.

-We want to see 50 local churches around the state rise up, join this fight, and begin doing the ministry of reconciliation in their communities. (start celebrate recoveries, Brianna's Hope Chapters, AA and NA meetings, host social sober events, establish members of the recovery community as members and leaders of their faith community)

-We want to donate 5 fully produced "Sober Social" events next year to recovery groups, youth recovery centers, and detention centers that do not have funding to bring in bands. It is important to celebrate a life of recovery and sober living for the growing number of youth and adults who make up our recovery community across the state. Each of these events will cost us between 600$-$1000.

2. We must expand our internal team in order for us to double our impact in 2020

-We desperately need an event coordinator/project manager/booking agent. After 6 months of looking, we are excited to say we may have finally found the right candidate! Stay tuned for updates each Tuesday this month.

-This fall we brought on Isaiah Cheatham as our film and production intern and he is doing an amazing job. You'll get a chance to meet him in one of our Tuesday updates!

3. Office/recording studio/video studio. It's time to get "Two Eight Ministries" out of Eric and Jillian's house!!

Jillian and I started Two Eight Ministries the same year we got married, in 2005. We have always worked out of our homes (or rather our RV back in the early days :) As our team has grown, so has the need for a work space outside of our home. This month we are going to begin moving Two Eight out of the house and into the "Nexus Impact Center," located just off of 465 on the northwest side of Indianapolis. The "Nexus Impact Center" was established by a good friend of ours who wanted to help young businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises work in proximity to create a bigger impact.

Two Eight will be renting a 350 square foot creative suite each month that will serve as our offices and audio/video recording space. Equipping this space with recording equipment and covering the monthly rent will be initially challenging for us financially. However, it will save us over $5,000 annually on recording video and music alone. We are excited to finally be able to release music, ministry resources, interviews, and faith testimonies on a monthly basis and to a much larger audience than we could ever reach through our live events.

Please consider giving to our 28 days of giving campaign. Here are 2 ways you can partner with Two Eight Ministries...

1. Our project sponsors are the ones who give periodically to different projects or causes. They help us break new ground (like this month!) and overcome large obstacles when they arise.

2. Our monthly partners are the ones we rely upon the most. They keep us in the fight and on the front lines of ministry each month. Without them we couldnt set budgets, build long term strategies, or keep our team running each year. Please consider becoming a Two Eight monthly partner. Unlike larger organizations, we have always functioned off of the support of family members, friends, and a handful of churches that we consider family.

Thank you for you support! If you would like to receive our monthly updates and new music you can sign up to get our newsletter at the bottom of this page.


Eric, Jillian, Ryan, Dimitri, and Isaiah

(if your donation is intended for Ryan Fitzpatrick or Isaiah Cheatham please specify in the memo section when prompted)